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taken from new_kat_jump <3

Opening Credits:  Twins (Knock Out) - Super Junior

Waking Up:  Ghost.Heart - LM.C

First Day At School:  Dreams Come True - SES (really? O__O)

Falling In Love:
 Just One Moment - S

Fight Song:
Sorry, Sorry - Super Junior

Breaking Up: When Did Your Heart Stop Loving Me - jtL (oh my god T___T)

Prom: Desire - SubaruxShota

Life: Hero - Funky Monkey Babys

Mental Breakdown: Last Summer Night - Kangta

Driving: Wilds Of My Heart - KAT-TUN

Flashback: Celebrate - H.O.T

Getting Back Together: Oh! ENKA - Kanjani8

Wedding: Still/As Ever - A.N.JELL

Birth of Child: Caught My Eye - Tony An

Final Battle: Taiyou no Namida - NewS

Death Scene:
  Blue Sky - Tony An

Funeral Song:
Swan Song - Kinki Kids

Remembrance Song: Say No - B2ST

End Credits:
I (Human Individual Cloning) - Moon Hee Jun

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OMG :O. Long time no see, f-list!

Sorry for being such a bad LJ-friend and having the most dead journal in the world, but I'm back alive again~And I've been checking your journal's now and then to check you guys are okay~

OK, SO. There's SOOOO much to talk about.
In the past few months I've gotten myself wrapped in a new fandom, to the point where I love them just as much as Kanjani8. Seriously, they are THAT amazing. I never thought anyone would match up to Eito in my eyes but that just goes to show how osum these guys are.
If you're into the Korean music scene, even just a little bit, then you've probably heard of them -


Known as the legendary boyband of Kpop. I usually don't like things that are "overrated" so when I first heard of them I was like "pshh. legendary? come onnn." But SRSLY OMG ASDGJKLKF.
They wrote their own stuff 3rd album onwards, choreographed their own moves, made songs with meaning and dayum, they are HOT.

I really wanna spread the love so give these guys a chance~
They've covered so many genres there will be something out there for you~ (LOL I sound like some cheesy advert)
For now I'll post a couple of my personal favourites -
Git it Up!

& Outside Castle

The music arrangement on Outside Castle is the most beautiful thing I've ever heard. And Git it Up has become my all time favourite song - its the song that got me into them too.
You should also check out Candy, Iyah! & We Are The Future
Osum stuff <3

My fave members are the charismatic leader Moon Hee Jun & the shy-guy whisper rapper Lee Jae Won, OMG. <333333333333333333 But all members are so lovable that they're all my favourites in their own ways~




Ohai there JE fandom, ofc I haven't forgotten about you.
Kanjani8. WTH. OMG.
They're suddenly throwing all this OSUMNESS at us, Prologue of Patch OMG, new single OMG, SUBARU REVOLVER PV OMGOMG :O
I still haven't watched Prologue of Patch but I willl~

And when I do, expect cap-spam.

I was gonna talk about more in this post, but the H.O.T-ness kind of got me off track and now I can't remember.
I hope this post turns out well. Usually it goes all messy when I add embed vids...




Going on semi-hiatus, its about time I got my head in the books.
I used to be really good at maths, but I stopped studying about 3 years ago and it really makes a huge difference, my maths is terrible now. So yeah, study time! I need to pass, I don't wanna redo the year again. How annoying.

In other news, it looks like JE are doing a collaboration with China, and will debut a Japanese-Chinese boyband! I'm really looking forward to this. <3

Also, started watching Your Beautiful today, and I can't get enough! Which isn't good seeing as I'm going on semi-hiatus haha.

I'll still come on to check your journals and see how you're all doing;

Byebye! <3


Our Romanesque - Chapter 8

Title: Our Romanesque
Notes: Final chapter!


Collapse )


/Thats it people! I hope it doesn't seem rushed and I hope you liked it. I was really struggling with this chapter, because I had all the images in my head but I didn't know how to put it in words.
I'm sorry I made you wait so long everyone. If I ever do a fic again, I'll make sure I have it all written before I post it XD.
Thankyou so much for staying with me through this story!